We Will Dance 2013.

20130819-083124.jpg Last Saturday, Hong Lim Park was filled with laughter, sweat and applause.

It was a dance marathon for groups to dance for charity organisations and sweat it out to various genres of dance. And you can choose to go solo, duo or trio, as well as pick how many hours you would like to challenge (3/6/10 hours).

I wanted to try out for the 10 hours, but considering how I am probably unfit and under my friends’ advice, my team decided to go for the six hours instead.

Really, I did not really know what to expect since I have never participated in a dance marathon ever.

So at the venue, we had instructors get up on stage to teach us choreography or we simply followed their movements according to the music. We did dance genres such as Hip hop, Salsa, KPOP and Zumba.

And all I can say is that it was really tiring. Dance after dance after dance, I was engaging my entire body throughout. I have never worked out so hard in my entire life I think.

But it was worth it. Dancing with close friends and all of us having fun together made the whole experience memorable. The fact that none of us gave up and stayed on the dance floor throughout was something to be proud of.

I can safely say that we were probably not the best dancers and we may not have kept up with dance movements all the time. But who cares about embarrassment?

The point of the event was not to show off skills, but it was about unity and people coming together to dance. And raise funds in a fun but dedicated way.

And I think that was the beauty of the event.


(I have been busy and well, when you are busy, you tend not to think so much about random little things.)

Most of my peers are already in university this year. Most got into their dream courses at first try, which is brilliant. Some others entered courses that are simply available or practical, with little passion.

You may ask, “Why are they so silly? If they do not like the course, then do not take it. It is a waste of time. Why graduate with a degree you do not like?”

But it is not as simple as that.

Sometimes, it is pressure from the family and friends. Sometimes, it can just be the kind of lifestyle we want in the future. Sometimes, we are just lost and blind to the possibilities we have.

Or sometimes, we stick to the ‘safer’ way of life because we are not brave enough. Or not willing to take that leap of faith (that may lead you to nothing).

This sort of kills the flexibility of our life choices, which in turn, usually ends up killing the everyday joy of living.

And I feel sad on the inside. Because I see so much potential and passion glowing within people, but they choose to repress it. Probably never showing the world what beautiful things they can do.

It sounds like I would stand on the highest hill in Singapore and scream how everyone should follow their dreams and all that.

But I know, I would never ever do that.

Because if we have a whole country full of dreamers, we probably would not be able to function and keep things going.

And that is when reality sinks in.

And that is when I should probably tell myself that I should feel appreciative instead of sadness for that group of people.

Because, they might just be braver than a silly dreamer like myself.

Because it takes a lot of guts to wake up every day and wonder, “What if?”

And I know I can never do that.


Why are there people that are constantly frowning? Or giving a grim expression most times?

Are you not tired?

Working on this production and understanding Ivy has been difficult, and in some ways, still is.

She is always frowning or annoyed or angry. And after a rehearsal, like tonight, my whole body feels tired.

Feeling angry does things to the physical body. Like tensed up shoulders, tightened facial expressions and folded arms.

Right now, my cheeks feel a little stretched. My eyebrows just resting gently on my face and my eyes just cannot roll anymore.

And it is strange how I used to be like Ivy.

All small and angry. Usually tired but always ready to fight. How all the emotions were kept inside and sort of repressed.

I still see a little of myself in her, really. But I am glad that she is just a part of me and I am no longer almost as sad as she is most times.

Because my life would be really different. And I would be blind to so many things in my life that I should be thankful about,

Nation Pride 2013.

20130803-211408.jpg An event to showcase local designers and local music in conjunction with National Day that I attended last Friday night.

I attended mostly out of curiosity, since I had no idea what to expect. Anyway, I find fashion very interesting, so no harm going for it. 🙂

The atmosphere was pretty lovely with constant music throughout the event. The musicians for the night were DJ Twoface, 53A, Sarah Cheng-De Winne as well as The Sam Willows. Each of them showcased about three songs and since it was live, it kept the good vibes going.

At the same time, there was wine and Singaporean snacks going around so the customers were able to grab small bites while doing their shopping.

There was also a mini showcase (loved this part the best) with models dressed in various outfits by local brands. At the same time, Singaporean designer Frederick Lee would sketch the models out on paper next to the platform.

The textures were interesting and the styles were very defined. I really loved how each piece is different and unique. Each outfit really had a kind of personality of their own.

Anyway, I walked around for quite a while and would look at individual pieces from the different designers if something caught my eye. And I would contemplate buying something but well, I went home empty handed in the end.

I could not really decide what to get. And since I am not actually working yet, I could not really afford to get anything without feeling guilty about it. Hahaha.

But I really loved pieces from Mash-up and Own Muse. Really bold and quirky. Well, hope to own some of their designs one day!