Maybe it is just me feeling tired again. Or maybe I am just not trying hard enough. Who knows?

These days, I cannot seem to find the right words to describe what I feel or think or want. I get like that sometimes.

If I had to sketch out an image of how my mind possibly looks like on the inside, it would just be a colourful mess of squiggles and incoherent sentences.

A state of confusion. Some sort of bright coloured chaos. Random thoughts all over the place.

Hmm. It would be lovely if there is a way to organise my thoughts like how I organise my schedule or the post-its in my diary.

It would be so neat and organised. And then I would know where to start clearing my head.

Actually, I think I am just being this way because I am worried about so many things.

And I just simply refuse to start talking about them. Because talking does not solve anything and everyone’s just too busy with their own lives.

Well, shall stop talking and start doing something about my mind. Like writing everything down or something.


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