Tim Ho Wan.

Finally, after a few months of wondering what’s so good at Tim Ho Wan that is worth the long queue…

I decided to dine in last night!

I only queued for fifteen minutes, I think, and I had my free Starbucks drink for company. So the whole queuing experience was not that bad. 🙂

I tried a few dishes while I was there. I ordered the famous char siew bun, har kow, beef balls, century and salted egg congee, shrimp steamed rolls, fried carrot cake and the steamed egg bun.

It was definitely authentic Hong Kong dishes and made the traditional way. The dishes were fresh and had flavour to them, as well as additional ingredients to improve the taste, making the restaurant different to other dim sum places around Singapore.

The char siew bun was definitely the best out of all the dishes. It tasted like a pastry – soft, crisp outer-covering while fresh, warm and chewy pork on the inside.

Sadly, there is a limit of one plate of three buns per person. Otherwise, I could probably have ordered three plates and finished all of them. Hahaha.

As for the service, it was quick and efficient. The staff were mainly friendly as well, which was great.

After the meal, I ordered a few more dishes for take away for my family. (Note: For take away, you order the dishes to your table and pack it into their paper boxes on your own.)

Overall, I liked the Hong Kong dishes and the service very much. But I probably would not queue an hour or more for the food. They were great, but not exactly extremely outstanding.


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