The MP3 Experiment.

20130728-225140.jpg To be in for a fun time, all I had to do was download a forty minute long MP3 track and head down to Resorts World Sentosa to check it out for myself. So why not right?

Donning on a blue shirt, since I could only choose out of four colours (red, yellow, green and blue), I was pleasantly surprised that lots of people were there for the exact same purpose too.

The clock struck six and the smiles on everybody’s faces started to appear.

If you were not in on the event, you probably would be really lost. I mean, come on, everyone was having thumb wars and standing on just one leg all at the same time.

And when everyone just froze in their positions for a minute? That was simply awesome and I was happy to be a part of that.

For me, I definitely saw a different side of Singapore. When the MP3 track told everyone to hug an inanimate object, I was pretty convinced that no one else was going to join me.

I was wrong.

I saw hundreds of others scrambling to hug inanimate objects, high-fiving strangers and having the time of their lives.

It was probably the only event where you could see Singaporeans (most afraid of embarrassment and having crazy fun in the public eye) doing such simple yet fun activities together.

Everyone was so willing to share and participate.

Not only did the participants felt the joy of the event, but random strangers present at Resorts World Sentosa did too.

They had no idea what was happening but they warmly smiled back and waved. Some even took photographs or tried joining in on everything we were doing.

They probably liked seeing this side of our sunny little island.

Well, I know I did.
And I would do it all again in a heartbeat.


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