20130728-231626.jpg So, a friend of mine kept insisting that I should visit this place and try their roast chicken.

Decided to give it a try and visited their Chinatown outlet yesterday.

The outlet was small and we had to queue for a bit, but it was not long, which was awesome.

Other than their signature roast chicken dish, my friend and I also ordered potato gratin with corn as a side and tiramisu as dessert.

I got myself an iced drink as well, since they do not serve iced water.

Hmm. The service was pretty outstanding. They served as free French fries and apologised for the long wait for our dishes. That kept our stomachs occupied and our mood pleasant, so no one was complaining.

The roast chicken was definitely worth the wait, in my opinion. With the warm and tender meat, the mushrooms and sauce went perfectly with it. The flavour was not too overwhelming but tasty. I also really liked how the chicken was freshly prepared. 🙂

The mushroom sauce was authentic and definitely not out of a Campbell can. Thank goodness.

The potato gratin with corn tasted nice. The cheese had a rough texture (i think because of the potato) but it added a quality to the side dish. I cannot really describe it. Hahaha. It was just… Interesting. However, the corn made the dish a little sweet so it became too sweet after a while.

And lastly, the tiramisu. It was bigger in portion than I expected. It had mor alcohol than I expected it to as well, but I liked it. It gave the tiramisu a nice flavour and the cheese was soft and full of taste.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal and it cost the two of us about 37 dollars in total. Worth it, considering the quality of the meal we got and the quick service.

The ambience of the dining place was a bonus too. Great for dates! 🙂


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