Army daze.

20130724-131000.jpg Courtesy of Campus Singapore, I caught Army Daze last night at the Drama Centre. The tickets were good, giving me a good view from the stalls.

Army Daze is about army life and specifically, the first three months of entering the army. It gave the audience an insight of what possibly can happen and what are the thoughts running though the minds of these boys when they have to enlist.

I liked how there was a range of characters that cover the possible boys you have in the army. It gave the audience a whole spectrum of perspectives, from a mummy’s boy Malcolm (Dwanye Tan) to a typical Ah Beng (Joshua Lim) to a more feminine guy Kenny (Shane Mardjuki) and lastly, a food lover Johari (Adi Jamaludin).

This performance definitely banks on all the dramatic moments and relevant jokes and references (be it dialect or simply poking fun at this year’s National Day song) shared throughout the two hour show by various cast members.

From typical Bollywood relationship between Lathi (Rebecca Spykerman) and Khrisna (Ebi Shankara) to Sergeant Khatib (Siti Khalijah) randomly breaking out into song, Army Daze definitely got the audience laughing throughout.

The rest of the cast that you should look out for would be Dennis Chew as a typical overprotective mother, Chua Enlai as a Singlish speaking officer as well as the ensemble as they have a surprise for you in the second half of the show.

Hmm. The performance did not make me feel proud to be Singaporean or strike any patriotic feelings in me. Not sure if it was supposed to though.

To me, Army daze is about growing up and how every boy has to go through it, whether you like it or not. Not only that, but also about the role families can play when the boys are in the army.

Following the journey with Malcolm (Dwanye Tan) as he shares his thoughts through mini monologues, the audience catches snippets of varying emotions within the company and watch them grow in terms of mindset and optimism.

I think it was entertaining and worth watching, but if you are looking for something serious and realistic, this piece of theatre may not be for you.

It was a good experience for me and the set was fully utilised, which I really liked. 🙂
Overall, I am satisfied and I went home a happy girl.


One thought on “Army daze.

  1. Hahahaha I remember watching this on DVD (or was it CDs?) when I was around 8 years old and it was hilarious. I loved the movie and I think that was when the seed of “Army will be fun” got planted in my mind. I understand that there are many exaggerations in the movie, but I honestly think NS is good. I mean, 2 years of free – no, wait – SPONSORED food, clothes, shelter, gym membership, courses for combat and survival, and Halo/Counter-Strike/Modern Warfare-type experiences. Not to mention the comradeship formed, networking opportunities and higher starting salary. Also, we get more time to think about what we want to do with our lives, rather than having to select a career straight out of JC/Poly/Uni. Seems like a good deal to me.

    I haven’t gone through NS yet. Heh, maybe I’ll change my tune when I actually experience it, but at least I’ll go in with a positive mindset, which I think most guys could do with.

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