Just heard of Cory Monteith’s death and it just has this impact on me. I just cannot seem to get the news out of my head.

It is not because I am a Glee fan or because I look up to him. It is simply because the news came so suddenly.

His last tweet was just yesterday.

Can you imagine? He was living his life. He was walking down streets, feeling many emotions and just… Breathing. And just a day later, he’s gone. Just like that.

To me, that’s scary. The fact that anyone can just go anytime.

No goodbye, no warning, no nothing.

What if someone important leaves me just like that? Am I prepared? Will I ever be prepared?

Or what if it happens to me? What if I disappear just like that too? Would it matter?

We do not really feel it but our mortality makes us so vulnerable. For me, sometimes, I would have a “it would never be me” mindset to comfort myself. But really, our vulnerability is very real.

And things do happen.

And thinking about my heart stopping as well as my life ending in a beat frightens me.

Just so out of touch. So fleeting. The whole idea of life. Surreal.



One thought on “Mortality.

  1. i guess we will never be prepared for the day someone else close to us departs. we can only live and treasure the time we spend with these dear ones…

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