Dreamplay: Asian Boys Vol. 1

20130708-113640.jpg I have never been inside the flexible space at Lasalle. When I entered the space, I was greeted by an interesting layout.

The stage was runway-like and right smack in the middle of the space with the audience divided into two halves.

The whole play was exactly two hours and a half, with a fifteen minute intermission in between.

The play was about a Goddess named Agnes that descends down to earth to save gay men in Singapore, with the help of a boy.

To me, the whole play was generally interesting, with the use of multimedia, and definitely tests the limits of how comfortable you are with the topic of sex.

With a dildo as a magical wand, crossing dressing right at the beginning, as well as constant sexual innuendo throughout the play, the audience had their fair share of laughter. Well, I know I did.

With the play revolving around the adventures of Goddess Agnes (played by Jo Kukathas ) and Boy (played by Tan Shou Chen), it was relatively easy to follow.

The other cast members, Peter Sau, Caleb Goh, Rodney Oliverio and Koey Foo went all out for their multiple roles as well, since the characters were mostly across various time periods and the costumes were interesting.

I could see a spectrum of personalities and the cast seemed so comfortable with whatever they were doing, so I was convinced and was willing to immerse myself in their storytelling.

My favourite part of all, if I had to pick one, would be the ending of the whole play, because the key messages were shared once again and I was able to feel for Boy’s character. It was touching and really warmed my heart.

The play made me think about real issues about what the LGBT community face as well and how it all sort of started. So, all in all, it was an interesting and thoughtful experience for me.

I am glad I made a trip down to watch it. 🙂


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