Despicable me 2.

20130705-141942.jpgI caught Despicable Me 2 the day before at The Cathay. I had no idea it only started showing yesterday, but that would explain why there were so many people getting tickets for it.

It is the sequel to Despicable Me, that showed here in the year 2010. The first movie was well received so this movie is highly anticipated, I would say.

This movie revolves around Gru as he takes up a job with the Anti-Villain League. Together with partner Lucy, they try to track down a villain that stole a secret formula that could possibly destroy the world.

Well, personally, I was looking forward to the movie. I just really love the minions and Agnes (the youngest daughter). They are so adorable.

Anyway, I would say this movie took a different direction compared to the first one. For Despicable Me, the plot was quite strong and I was able to follow the story while being entertained with the mini comedic sequences of the minions and the children.

As for this sequel, it seemed like entertainment took a priority with the minions getting much more screen time. There were also a lot of pop culture references and parodies, which were funny and made me laugh so hard.

Plot-wise, there were little surprises as there were no twists and turns. The events were quite predictable as well. So maybe you would not want to watch it if you are seeking adventure.

However, I really appreciated the characterisation of the characters – new and old – as they were all different and loveable. One good example would be Gru. This movie explored an aspect of him that was so real and brought him to life in my eyes. I really liked how they portrayed his weakness, instead of just playing out the villainous side of him.

Who should catch this movie then?

Hmm, I would say this movie is for children and grown ups with a soft spot for adorable things since you just see so many minions all the time!

Oh, and this sequel has a heartwarming ending and I think, for all those romantics out there (whether you have a special someone or not), you would love it from beginning to end.


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