Just a dream.

I used to have dreams of the little moments of my life. Sometimes, they do happen and play out in real life. I always found it a little funny.

Anyway, I had a dream last night. It was a pretty strange dream.

I dreamt of a friend of mine and we were hanging out together. We were talking about never ending possibilities of the two of us.

And then I woke up.

I have not thought about the friendship in a long time. Funny how dreams can remind you of so many things that you threw to the back of your mind.

Dreaming, is like the mind’s way of reminding you of your unspoken hopes and options that you have failed to explore in your life.

Or those options that you refuse to explore because you are afraid of the consequences or possible embarrassment.

It was nice being reminded that he still exists.

But no thank you, dear mind.

The friendship is on its way to self-destructing and well, why should I always be the one putting in the effort to maintain it anyway?

If he does not care, guess there is not much to save in our friendship. Is there?

It is tiring to keep reaching out and getting nothing in return. A friendship works two ways, not one.

And in this case, this dream should just remain as it is. Because it is just nicer like that.

Unanswered and open-ended.


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