Maybe it is just me feeling tired again. Or maybe I am just not trying hard enough. Who knows?

These days, I cannot seem to find the right words to describe what I feel or think or want. I get like that sometimes.

If I had to sketch out an image of how my mind possibly looks like on the inside, it would just be a colourful mess of squiggles and incoherent sentences.

A state of confusion. Some sort of bright coloured chaos. Random thoughts all over the place.

Hmm. It would be lovely if there is a way to organise my thoughts like how I organise my schedule or the post-its in my diary.

It would be so neat and organised. And then I would know where to start clearing my head.

Actually, I think I am just being this way because I am worried about so many things.

And I just simply refuse to start talking about them. Because talking does not solve anything and everyone’s just too busy with their own lives.

Well, shall stop talking and start doing something about my mind. Like writing everything down or something.


Tim Ho Wan.

Finally, after a few months of wondering what’s so good at Tim Ho Wan that is worth the long queue…

I decided to dine in last night!

I only queued for fifteen minutes, I think, and I had my free Starbucks drink for company. So the whole queuing experience was not that bad. 🙂

I tried a few dishes while I was there. I ordered the famous char siew bun, har kow, beef balls, century and salted egg congee, shrimp steamed rolls, fried carrot cake and the steamed egg bun.

It was definitely authentic Hong Kong dishes and made the traditional way. The dishes were fresh and had flavour to them, as well as additional ingredients to improve the taste, making the restaurant different to other dim sum places around Singapore.

The char siew bun was definitely the best out of all the dishes. It tasted like a pastry – soft, crisp outer-covering while fresh, warm and chewy pork on the inside.

Sadly, there is a limit of one plate of three buns per person. Otherwise, I could probably have ordered three plates and finished all of them. Hahaha.

As for the service, it was quick and efficient. The staff were mainly friendly as well, which was great.

After the meal, I ordered a few more dishes for take away for my family. (Note: For take away, you order the dishes to your table and pack it into their paper boxes on your own.)

Overall, I liked the Hong Kong dishes and the service very much. But I probably would not queue an hour or more for the food. They were great, but not exactly extremely outstanding.


20130728-231626.jpg So, a friend of mine kept insisting that I should visit this place and try their roast chicken.

Decided to give it a try and visited their Chinatown outlet yesterday.

The outlet was small and we had to queue for a bit, but it was not long, which was awesome.

Other than their signature roast chicken dish, my friend and I also ordered potato gratin with corn as a side and tiramisu as dessert.

I got myself an iced drink as well, since they do not serve iced water.

Hmm. The service was pretty outstanding. They served as free French fries and apologised for the long wait for our dishes. That kept our stomachs occupied and our mood pleasant, so no one was complaining.

The roast chicken was definitely worth the wait, in my opinion. With the warm and tender meat, the mushrooms and sauce went perfectly with it. The flavour was not too overwhelming but tasty. I also really liked how the chicken was freshly prepared. 🙂

The mushroom sauce was authentic and definitely not out of a Campbell can. Thank goodness.

The potato gratin with corn tasted nice. The cheese had a rough texture (i think because of the potato) but it added a quality to the side dish. I cannot really describe it. Hahaha. It was just… Interesting. However, the corn made the dish a little sweet so it became too sweet after a while.

And lastly, the tiramisu. It was bigger in portion than I expected. It had mor alcohol than I expected it to as well, but I liked it. It gave the tiramisu a nice flavour and the cheese was soft and full of taste.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal and it cost the two of us about 37 dollars in total. Worth it, considering the quality of the meal we got and the quick service.

The ambience of the dining place was a bonus too. Great for dates! 🙂

The MP3 Experiment.

20130728-225140.jpg To be in for a fun time, all I had to do was download a forty minute long MP3 track and head down to Resorts World Sentosa to check it out for myself. So why not right?

Donning on a blue shirt, since I could only choose out of four colours (red, yellow, green and blue), I was pleasantly surprised that lots of people were there for the exact same purpose too.

The clock struck six and the smiles on everybody’s faces started to appear.

If you were not in on the event, you probably would be really lost. I mean, come on, everyone was having thumb wars and standing on just one leg all at the same time.

And when everyone just froze in their positions for a minute? That was simply awesome and I was happy to be a part of that.

For me, I definitely saw a different side of Singapore. When the MP3 track told everyone to hug an inanimate object, I was pretty convinced that no one else was going to join me.

I was wrong.

I saw hundreds of others scrambling to hug inanimate objects, high-fiving strangers and having the time of their lives.

It was probably the only event where you could see Singaporeans (most afraid of embarrassment and having crazy fun in the public eye) doing such simple yet fun activities together.

Everyone was so willing to share and participate.

Not only did the participants felt the joy of the event, but random strangers present at Resorts World Sentosa did too.

They had no idea what was happening but they warmly smiled back and waved. Some even took photographs or tried joining in on everything we were doing.

They probably liked seeing this side of our sunny little island.

Well, I know I did.
And I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Army daze.

20130724-131000.jpg Courtesy of Campus Singapore, I caught Army Daze last night at the Drama Centre. The tickets were good, giving me a good view from the stalls.

Army Daze is about army life and specifically, the first three months of entering the army. It gave the audience an insight of what possibly can happen and what are the thoughts running though the minds of these boys when they have to enlist.

I liked how there was a range of characters that cover the possible boys you have in the army. It gave the audience a whole spectrum of perspectives, from a mummy’s boy Malcolm (Dwanye Tan) to a typical Ah Beng (Joshua Lim) to a more feminine guy Kenny (Shane Mardjuki) and lastly, a food lover Johari (Adi Jamaludin).

This performance definitely banks on all the dramatic moments and relevant jokes and references (be it dialect or simply poking fun at this year’s National Day song) shared throughout the two hour show by various cast members.

From typical Bollywood relationship between Lathi (Rebecca Spykerman) and Khrisna (Ebi Shankara) to Sergeant Khatib (Siti Khalijah) randomly breaking out into song, Army Daze definitely got the audience laughing throughout.

The rest of the cast that you should look out for would be Dennis Chew as a typical overprotective mother, Chua Enlai as a Singlish speaking officer as well as the ensemble as they have a surprise for you in the second half of the show.

Hmm. The performance did not make me feel proud to be Singaporean or strike any patriotic feelings in me. Not sure if it was supposed to though.

To me, Army daze is about growing up and how every boy has to go through it, whether you like it or not. Not only that, but also about the role families can play when the boys are in the army.

Following the journey with Malcolm (Dwanye Tan) as he shares his thoughts through mini monologues, the audience catches snippets of varying emotions within the company and watch them grow in terms of mindset and optimism.

I think it was entertaining and worth watching, but if you are looking for something serious and realistic, this piece of theatre may not be for you.

It was a good experience for me and the set was fully utilised, which I really liked. 🙂
Overall, I am satisfied and I went home a happy girl.


“Why did you make this mistake? That is so ridiculous. Now you have embarrassed yourself in front of everyone,” the voice inside my mind would nag at me constantly.

Making mistakes have always been a fear for me. So I find myself beating myself up over the smallest things.

And I find myself wondering why I am so afraid of making mistakes. I mean, it is a way I learn the best.

I do it once, realise why it is wrong and try again in a new way. That is how we all grow and learn sometimes. If we do not try it, how would we know if we will ever succeed?

I think it is sad that some of us grew up with fear and pride conquering us whenever we want to make a decision. And in the end, we would probably choose to sit on the fence and remain silent.

Today, I could feel my body tense up during the rehearsal. I know that this is the first rehearsal in a long while and I fear making a mistake in front of the other actors.

I expect myself to know everything – how to speak, how to move and how to feel. I expect myself to never make a single mistake.

And that is sort of crazy.

And it is crazier when I feel myself placing my crazy self-expectations on other people around me. Getting disappointed and upset when things do not go smoothly.

Everyone makes mistakes – big or small. And we can only strive for perfection but probably not attain it most times.

After tonight, I hope to loosen up and open my mind. Pick myself up from a mistake and learn.

Making a mistake should not be an embarrassment, it should be a learning process.

And I shall remind myself that and just breathe. Go with the flow. And keep learning.


20130721-201454.jpg I visited the Plaza Singapura yesterday and refused to queue for Tim Ho Wan so I decided to have a meal at Hifumi instead.

It is a Japanese restaurant that is part of the newer part of the mall on the third floor.

They mainly serve chicken and pork cutlet. So I picked katsu curry and my friend decided on pork cutlet in tonkatsu sauce.

The curry that came with my dish was interesting. It is not simply smooth curry. You can taste the ingredients they use to cook the curry and it adds texture to the dish. It went very well with the juicy cutlet and warm Japanese rice.

As for my friend’s dish, the sauce served as a nice contrast to the miso soup. And it adds a strong flavour to the cutlet, so it tasted really good. It has a slightly tangy taste and a bit of spice.

Each set you order at Hifumi entitles you to an All-you-can-eat appetiser bar that has vegetable cheese fondue, russet potatoes, various greens, chawanmushi, soba noodles and the like.

You may also top up 1.99 dollars for a free flow drink bar.

Personally, I do not really feel the drink bar worth it unless you share it with another person. How much can you drink when you are busy visiting the appetiser bar and grabbing as many dishes as you can?

All in all, Hifumi is worth a visit and worth it if you have a big appetite for Japanese side dishes. 🙂

(Note: My meal with a friend cost us about 38 dollars in total, inclusive of both our drinks.)