Dim Dim (The Hong Kong Pantry).

I have been meaning to try this place for quite some time now, since I keep walking pass it when I want to get to Suntec City or Marina Square from the City Hall train station.

So I finally did try it for dinner the day before! 🙂

It was rather quiet and empty when I dined in. The service was rather prompt as well, which I appreciated, even though the waiter and waitress barely smiled.

Anyway, I ordered the har kow, siew mai, custard bun, steamed rice roll with prawns and their ‘must-try’ pork chop baked rice, along with a cup of Hong Kong ice milk tea.

Hmm, the food were all fresh and served hot, which was awesome.

I enjoyed my sides very much and I am impressed by the siew mai dish. It consisted of fresh meat and a whole prawn, instead of the usual processed minced meat plainly stuffed into the dumpling skin.

As for their pork chop baked rice, I was rather disappointed by it. On the menu, it stated having wild mushrooms together with the pork chop. However, I only ate one thinly sliced button mushroom.

The rice was not your usual white rice, which was quite tasty, but got dry in the end due to the lack of sauce. The cheese was tasty though not chewy, but there were some parts of my rice without the cheese layer on top.

All I am saying is that it was not what I expected it to be, in terms of ingredients as well as how savoury the dish was.

So, let’s just say that I will be going there for dim sum and the drink (delicious and authentic Hong Kong milk tea) without the baked rice next time round.

(Note: The dishes and drink totalled up to about 30 dollars. A little pricey, so I would not suggest going there if you are not a tight budget.)


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