H&M Preview Party.

H&M launched a new store at Vivo City, joining the ranks of labels such as Desigual and Converse.

I managed to attend the preview party, thanks to Jen’s lucky win. πŸ™‚

The event looked like a big deal, with local celebrity bloggers, such as Xia Xue attending the party as well.

There was free flow of drinks, be it Sprite or champagne, and bite-size finger food for all guests.

We were even given free Polaroid photographs and an envelope of nine different temporary tattoos made in collaboration between Dottinghill and H&M.

Other than all the goodies, there was a store wide discount of 20 per cent, so there were so many people scrambling to grab the clothes and shoes.

For me, all I got was a pair of pink tights for Pinkdot and a red hoodie for my brother. I only got the hoodie because it was going at a special price of 9.90 instead of the usual 49.90. πŸ™‚

It was pretty enjoyable, since I went with good company and there was live music to keep the mood going. I am happy with my buys too, so is my brother.

He is currently wearing the red hoodie and refuses to take it off. Hahaha.


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