It is a reminder that we should never take fresh air for granted.

Anyway, the haze is getting from bad to worse, really. It used to be alright if I get out of the house and walk around in the open. Now, my eyes burn and my nose gets irritated by the haze.

My eyes are still hurting even though I stayed indoors, except when taking the bus for travel purposes.

I can only imagine the damage done to homeless animals and wildlife. They would have nowhere ‘indoors’ to go, except try to take cover under bushes and trees.

And babies. Being new to out breathing world, they would be sensitive and this haze would damage their little bodies.

I guess it is just sad to know that even though so many years have past, and haze being an old problem, Indonesia is unable to find a better way to rid the forest.

Deforestation, the act itself, is bad enough and the forest is a beautiful place that shouldn’t be destroyed. But since the country seems to have a need to get rid of the forest, isn’t there a less harmful way to do so?

Perhaps manual labour and the cutting of trees would be a long and difficult process, but the damage to their people and ours would definitely be lesser.

I just hope this haze clears soon, so that lives would go back to normal and our health would not be that affected. Nature would be safe too, and the air would be clear enough for us to appreciate its beauty once more.


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