Personally, I always liked the concept of sharing.

To many, it seems to be similar to giving way, but it really isn’t. Giving way, especially when we are growing up, is something that adults enforce. Sharing, on the other hand, should be made out of the goodness of your heart.

It is sad though, that the act of sharing is seen as silly and naive.

My mum would tell me: “You are being stupid if you share. No one in this world will do the same. This is the adult world and everyone is selfish. You have to protect yourself.”

And what my mum states is very true. I grew up and lost many people along the way because they started viewing me as a competitor and an enemy and stopped wanting to be friends. Or sometimes, I gave up on the ‘friendship’ because I have people pushing me in a certain direction in terms of career choices, just so they can push me out of their career path. Or, people just pretend to be nice and use me for opportunities to grow and not reciprocate the good will.

At times, I feel myself wanting to be selfish too, just to “protect myself”. You know? To keep all the opportunities for myself, grow and fight to the top. After all, if I do not share, I would have less competitors that would be competing with me in the industry. When people just keep doing this to you, sometimes, it might occur to you that there are no other ways to survive but adopt their ways.

Now, all I am going to say is that, this is not the way to go. Why would you want to spend your life hiding and distancing yourself from true potential friends for career choices? Don’t you feel lonely?

I choose to keep sharing what I know, but just be more aware of what other people are doing. Why compromise what I believe in to be just like the rest, especially when I do not agree with their actions and attitude? I am definitely not being stupid, even though outsiders might think so.

If we want our world to move forward, in any career or industry, we have to open up our hearts to share. By sharing, we are working towards something bigger than ourselves – raising the standards of the entire industry, improving as one and not just earning more money for yourself to survive.

Yes, survival is important, but there must be another way to do so. Let the better man win and open up opportunities. If your friend can do it better than you, why not him or her? Give them the chance to showcase, while you keep learning and growing.

Because one day, it would be your turn.

Well, that is how I think anyway.


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