So, most of you would know that I decided to participate in the 987fm and Universal Music Singapore competition to win a trip to Tokyo just to catch a showcase by Imagine Dragons.

The creative presentation and the singing did not scare me much, though I do lack self-confidence in such areas. Anyway, personal doubts and insecurities aside, I did the video up and submitted it.

I would say that I put in quite a bit of effort. I edited the photographs, sequenced them, typed out the Demons-inspired poetry and made it into a video with a cover of It’s Time playing in the background.

Well, I was trying to be creative. Not that it really matters, now that I think about it.

It all boils down to the number of ‘likes’ in the end. If I don’t get enough ‘likes’, I lose. It is simple, really.

But I guess it is sad too. It just cancelled out a whole bunch of people that might have wanted to participate.

Those who barely have friends, those who are shy and those who do not have friends that bother to help.

Maybe, competitions should rethink strategies to put everyone on a level playing field. Judge by merits, not popularity.

Because if this trend goes on, ‘likes’ can remove the hope and eagerness of a person. That’s not very nice and I wouldn’t want it to happen.

Bringing it back to my entry, I was personally messaging my friends one by one on Facebook. I am tired now.

Maybe I will continue later.

But I honestly don’t really see the point anymore when another girl that did up a cover is 400 ‘likes’ ahead of me.

I am just going to go for a singing session at Teo Heng now.


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